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I HAVE A PHONE. I want to shout from the rooftops. I’ll explain in December of 2013 I dropped my iPhone 4 into the kitchen sink whilst it was full of water. I did the reasonable thing and stuck it in a bag of rice. It came back to life… Sorta. It was back for about three days and then it started acting strange like really strange the screen was only visible about half the time but I could still use the phone. Finally in March it died completely, and I have been phone less since. On Saturday, February 7 , 2015 I got an iPhone 6 not plus because those are huge I mean who wants to use a tablet for a phone. I have history class now so.

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Awesome Slimy Goo

1 ½ cups of water

½ teaspoon of Borax

5 oz bottle of clear school glue

Food Colouring

Some kind of container (We used Sandwich bags)

This concoction creates the coolest toy I have played with since I got my Chou Chou when I was six (I actually have three of them) see picture below

Cute right, it cried and laughed and you could rock it to sleep and it would literally sleep for a while (like a real baby). Okay enough about my childhood dolls and onto the goo.

The first thing you do is mix 1 cup of water with the borax. Then empty your glue into a separate bowl and stir in the rest of the water. Finally stir both mixtures together optionally you can add food colouring to the mix before combining the borax-water and glue-water and create whatever colour you want. When you put the goo into another bowl you will have extra water which you can just toss out.

We made four batches and none of them ended up the same. We made a green batch first but realized to late our glue bottle was only 4 oz and it was the blue stuff so it was tinted. Then we went and bought more glue the clear kind this time and made red, purple and bright blue (the prettiest).

The pic up top is the purple. Here is the link to the video that my recipe came from. As for a container we didn’t have any empty play-doh some we used Sandwich bags which work fine but are hard to get it into.

Thanks for Reading,

Mary Grace Camp

Ps: I hope you have fun with your goo and send me some pictures or tell me about it in comments.