A Letter to Final Exams

Dear Final Exams,

I  am confused about your purpose. You say you are here to test my knowledge but are my other grades not enough. Honestly, all you prove is that I  have the ability to cram loads of informations into head the night before. In classes like Math and Music Theory where one thing builds on another can I  not be trusted to have learned. If I  have not learned what I  should is one night of studying going to change anything but my stress level.


Stressing out



Update (Sort of)

My word it has been a while, I’m in college now which does account for some absence. I  don’t believe I’ve ever studied before (okay I haven’t). I  didn’t need to and I  still don’t have to study in most of my classes but my biology class… It’s not thats its difficult but I  the amount of information I  need to know is dizzying. I  have it covered though I  made a 105 on my last test and I  remember the information thanks to my mind palace. Here is the tutorial I used How to Build a Mind Palace by Another Boy Who Lived. I  discovered this method two years ago just in time for speech competitions and the ACT. It helped me bring my score up four points on the ACT. I’m not saying it is the answer to all testing woes, I still had to study but it certainly helped me with recall.

In other news I’m in Romeo and Juliet as the Princess of Verona (the Prince), my younger sister is playing Juliet. I  also changed my major I  am not a history major anymore but a music major, this doesn’t mean I  have anymore of an idea about what to do with my life.

Tata for Now, I make a real updated soon

Rock-Climbing, Zip-Lining, and Rope-Ladders




This weekend I have been at a camp doing outdoorsy things those three pics show a couple of things. Today we rock- climbed up a fifty foot tower so we could zip-line. Then we did rope ladders, I’ll just say I have been disillusioned from wanting that treehouse rope-ladder combo; don’t get me wrong I still want a treehouse but with an elevator or an escalator. The camp we are staying at is built on a hill and EVERYTHING IS UPHILL. Every bloody thing is up a bloody hill. I am so tired of hills and stairs I feel like I’ll never walk again.

Back In the Swing

Please excuse any typos I am typing on my phone.

Okay, so I haven’t posted in a while my plans. Here are my reasons:

1. My computer broke. I dropped it while preparing for a blog post (see I had good intentions). I was making Homemade Fettacine (did I spell that correctly???) which I will tell you about later.

2. I am currently writing a novel. A NOVEL!!!! It is taking up most of my time but I am getting back in the swing so I can fly. I’m thinking about posting chapters of my novel on my blog, comment and tell me what you think about the idea.

3. Last but not least on my list of excuse… Uhhhh… I mean… Reasons I’ve not been blogging is GUYS, IM STARTING TO COLLEGE this fall. I have been planing and writing that pretty much been my summer.

Now in the spirit of Flying today is John Fields birthday. In case you didn’t know he is a Romantic Composer here is a link to some of my favourite pieces he wrote Click Here.