Choose A Word

This is beautiful and a delightful idea to banish writer’s block

Writing Mother

Preferably a doing word.

A word that has been done to you.

A word that evokes.

A word that when you write it, you feel it, you remember it’s touch.

Imagine your word is a person, a creature, a living thing walking, crawling or slithering about.

My word is Betrayal

She is a woman. And I don’t know why because I’ve never been betrayed by a woman before.

She is beautiful, a goddess. She is treacherous, a monster. She is mute with wild tangled hair that has no end.

She has fangs, like a snake. She strikes. Her venom silent and deadly, sinking deep to the core where once there was good, where once it was pure.

Her posion takes rest in the blood of her prey. It has no end like the hair upon her head.

Amused is she, by the one who calls her forth. Intrigued is she…

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