Awesome Slimy Goo

1 ½ cups of water

½ teaspoon of Borax

5 oz bottle of clear school glue

Food Colouring

Some kind of container (We used Sandwich bags)

This concoction creates the coolest toy I have played with since I got my Chou Chou when I was six (I actually have three of them) see picture below

Cute right, it cried and laughed and you could rock it to sleep and it would literally sleep for a while (like a real baby). Okay enough about my childhood dolls and onto the goo.

The first thing you do is mix 1 cup of water with the borax. Then empty your glue into a separate bowl and stir in the rest of the water. Finally stir both mixtures together optionally you can add food colouring to the mix before combining the borax-water and glue-water and create whatever colour you want. When you put the goo into another bowl you will have extra water which you can just toss out.

We made four batches and none of them ended up the same. We made a green batch first but realized to late our glue bottle was only 4 oz and it was the blue stuff so it was tinted. Then we went and bought more glue the clear kind this time and made red, purple and bright blue (the prettiest).

The pic up top is the purple. Here is the link to the video that my recipe came from. As for a container we didn’t have any empty play-doh some we used Sandwich bags which work fine but are hard to get it into.

Thanks for Reading,

Mary Grace Camp

Ps: I hope you have fun with your goo and send me some pictures or tell me about it in comments.


New Years Resolutions

This is the hardest post I think I have written because normally I write my resolutions list and hide it away so in case I don’t complete one or several no one has to know or if I tell anyone they are superficial and I soon forget what I said.  This year or this past year I read something during NaNoWriMo that resonated in me. It was the driving force behind Write or Die by Doctor Wicked

If I don’t write my own stories I am only disappointing myself. I experience perpetual disappointment in myself so I’m kind of used to it. Add to that the fact that I simply have neither the self-discipline to write consistently on my own nor the capacity for self-deception that would enable me to create artificial deadlines.

An idea that sort of hit home with me, I can disappoint myself but it is much harder to disappoint other people especially outside of my normal circle of family and friends (that came out as family and fiends first) who I also seem to disappoint on a continual basis. I forgot about that until I was sitting in church the Sunday after New Year and my pastor gave a sermon on Resolution in your spiritual life. He said if you don’t make the resolutions you will never change anything.  I had an epiphany there that it doesn’t matter that we rarely achieve all of our goals but setting the goal is what is important because even if I don’t read my bible every day or read 100 books this year in trying I am achieving more than I did the year before and bettering ourselves is the reason for New Year Resolutions. So here is to a new year and better habits *raises imaginary Sparkling Grape Juice (I’m not 21 yet so real alcohol isn’t happening plus alcohol is nasty) Glass*.

My Resolution list and the reason behind each:

  1. Read my bible every day—I am terrified of growing stagnant in my faith. I don’t want to become another statistical figure of someone going to college and losing their faith.
  2. Read 100 books this year—I love to read and this past fall I have slumped in my reading, I think having a tangible goal will allow me to force myself through book I want read but simply haven’t put the time in. Examples: Anna Karenina and Here’s Looking a Euclid. Also I believe writing is directly linked to reading and the more quality writing I read the better my own writing will become. See # 4 for more info on that.
  3. Blog at least once a week—I love my blog but I think aiming for more than one post a week discourages me because when I get behind I get discouraged.
  4. Improve my writing— Okay so as previously stated I believe that writing and reading are directly link but I also believe I could read every book ever written and if I don’t write, I still won’t be able too. I love writing and I feel like I have a lot to say but putting it on paper is the hard part.
  5. Actually finish one of the three novels I am working on—I have started to date 12 novel (at least) and have finished none. What happens is I get started and never finish because I lose inspiration which is why I have posted one on Wattpad (link here) I hope that seeing people read my story will inspire me to continue writing even when I hit a brick wall.
  6. Lose weight—I am overweight and have been since sixth grade. I need now to lose weight for my health and because statistically if I don’t lose it before I turn 20 I won’t; I turn twenty in July.
  7. Seriously pursue piano—currently I play piano about as well as I did when I was eight and I didn’t stop then I took a break and then started back when I was thirteen. I got pretty good but now I can’t even play some of the pieces I was playing when I stopped at seventeen.

This year I hope to accomplish seven things granted seven huge things but even if I can’t find it in myself to complete all seven I will do better than last year for even trying. As I said in the beginning without making goals you can never reach them.

Thanks for Reading,                                                                                                                                   Mary Grace Camp J

The Problems of Life

Often times I have the most horrendous time writing not because I don’t want to (it’s normally when my desire to write is highest), not because I have no ideas (there are always a few in the attic), nor because I’m to busy (that rarely happens I’m rather a recluse when it comes to social situations). Most of my writing problems are simply a matter of finishing what I started. I get brilliant ideas all the time but I get bored easily (I’m bored right now and I had an entire blog post written before I started). I suppose though it isn’t boredom but things sound so much better in my head when and idea is bouncing around I come up with beautiful prose fit for a novel but somehow when it gets written it is as if a spell has been broken. The spell that makes things beautiful in my mind but when it finds its way through the maze of my mind it ends up dead. It seems to go through a long journey before ending up exhausted and pathetic on paper.

The spell I think is what makes ideas so powerful. An idea has the ability unlike anything else on earth to take control of the mind and the longer it stays the more beautiful it grows but the moment it is touch by another influence it loses its ability to fly. Rather like a butterfly in flight that are the most beautiful creature but if their wings are touched they lose their ability to fly.

I suppose I have rambled enough and I am sleepy now tomorrow I may post at least a half way coherent list of new years resolution (of which there are many.