The Client

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Odyssey of a Novice Writer

“Let me get this straight, sir,” I said, setting the teacup aside. “You wish to hire our firm to babysit your daughter?”

Smoothing back a lock of silver hair, the doctor shook his head. “Not precisely, Mr. Tate. My daughter requires a companion, someone who can persuade her to think before she acts. There have been past difficulties… contretemps with both the media and the public… my hope is that you’ll be able to smooth over any possible future awkwardness.”

“Fair enough. If I may ask, how old is your daughter?”

The doctor hesitated. “Her emotional age is seven. There are communication issues… delayed speech. A specialist is working with her.”

“How severe are the issues?”

“She grunts.”

This dismayed me. I hadn’t expected this level of difficulty when I agreed to take Dr. Stein as a client. “Sir, I’m uncertain whether our firm is appropriate for your needs… perhaps…

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Review: My Ántonia by Willa Cather

My Antonia by Willa Cather is a book about life in the American west during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The book centers around Jim Burden, the narrator, and Ántonia Shimerda, a bohemian immigrant to America. Jim is an upper-middle class boy who moves out west to live with his grandparents after the death of his parents. Jim is given opportunities his friend Ántonia will never have. He attend college and eventually goes to law school. Ántonia is on the opposite end of the wealth spectrum from Jim. Her family moved to America in hopes of gaining wealth but had lost most of their money by the time they arrived. No members of the family initially speak english but Ántonia is bright and willing to learn. The book follows her and Jim into adulthood and characterizes the difference in their stations of life. I  thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It was an interesting story with beautiful descriptions but the story seemed to fall to the wayside in favor of the descriptions. The descriptions though numerous were beautifully written and made the book worth reading just for their sake.

Update (Sort of)

My word it has been a while, I’m in college now which does account for some absence. I  don’t believe I’ve ever studied before (okay I haven’t). I  didn’t need to and I  still don’t have to study in most of my classes but my biology class… It’s not thats its difficult but I  the amount of information I  need to know is dizzying. I  have it covered though I  made a 105 on my last test and I  remember the information thanks to my mind palace. Here is the tutorial I used How to Build a Mind Palace by Another Boy Who Lived. I  discovered this method two years ago just in time for speech competitions and the ACT. It helped me bring my score up four points on the ACT. I’m not saying it is the answer to all testing woes, I still had to study but it certainly helped me with recall.

In other news I’m in Romeo and Juliet as the Princess of Verona (the Prince), my younger sister is playing Juliet. I  also changed my major I  am not a history major anymore but a music major, this doesn’t mean I  have anymore of an idea about what to do with my life.

Tata for Now, I make a real updated soon