Coming Out of the Closet

I will admit the post title is slightly misleading; I am coming out of the closet but not about the traditional issue. I am not me, well, I am me but not me. My real name is Gracie not Elizabeth, unfortunately. Why you may ask am I revealing this now and why go by a pseudonym to begin with? I will tackle why am I revealing myself first, as the answer is much simpler. I am “coming out” because it has been much more difficult than I imagined maintaining the ruse. The difficultly arose when my mother and sister decided that wanted to blog as well (I live in a very team oriented family.) The culmination came earlier today when my mother decided to begin her Vlog and informed me that she would be videoing me as well. So now I am “out.”

The reason for my pseudonym has three main parts one – I despise my name, two – I really didn’t want people to know who I am and three – I am in love with the name Elizabeth. My full name is Mary Grace, which I went by for years, then when we moved to Florida I began introducing myself as Gracie. I began going by Gracie because Mary Grace was to long for a clap game I was quote taken with. Last year when I was writing a story I found the name Elizabeth Kingston through a name generator. When I began blogging I decided I would enjoying “hiding in anonymity” and took on the guise of Elizabeth Kingston. Anyway i am no longer hiding my true name as I don’t agree with Shakespeare when he says

A Rose by any other name

Would smell as sweet”

Ta-Ta for now with all my Love, Gracie Camp