Hello, my friends,

First off, someone who understand the mysterious being known as commas tell me does the comma go after hello, after hello and my friends or just after my friends (that last friends came seriously close to being my frieds.) Tonight has been a night of deep revelations, as I stood in the kitchen listening to my mom talk about what she wanted to do with her life, I felt an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. If my mother who is nearing fifty still didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life then was there any hope for me with only eighteen years of life lived? Ok so that was a bit dramatic, what can I say it runs in the family.  My mom didn’t get a like on her facebook post after two minutes and complained about being a “facebook island.” Anyways, back on topic my amazing revelation, after my bit of depression I came to the conclusion that all I needed to do was figure out the convergence point of all the things I loved to do.

That opened a new can of thoughts what do I love to do? I started listing things in my head but then I started wondering how do I know I truly love the things on my list. I started sorting things into two categories, the things I do for my own enjoyment and the things I do to make other people think better of me. My list is now much more manageable and I have decided that for now blogging is my convergence point. I love you all and I hope you all have a beautiful week.

On a happier note, it snowed last night!!!!!! It didn’t stay which was dreadful but I’m ok now because it’s going down to negative temperature. I’m having so much fun because my lab gets to come in the house. I can’t get over how huge he is. The only other dogs we’ve ever had in the house have never been bigger than sixteen pounds. Funny story, I was feeding Pippin, my lab, when my little sixteen pound Corgi/Chihuahua mix, Coco, growled at him. He ran away tail between his legs and hid behind my sister, he glanced at his food bowl every few seconds but Coco just growled and he would scoot farther away. Over christmas my phone took a flying leap into the bathroom sink with the water running but it live to tell the tale of the power of rice. It is still working after spending five days in a ziploc bag full of rice. I was skeptical at first but now I am a believer. Rice can fix anything. Yay!



P.S. I posted on Monday, I will endeavor to post again on Wednesday. I’m bored, anyone have any good book or movie suggestions .


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. SarahClare says:

    The comma depends on where you want the pause. It’s usually after ‘hello my friends,’ if you read it out loud you’ll hear where the pauses are. 🙂

    And I wouldn’t worry. I still don’t know what im doing with this ‘life’ thing. But I’m happy, and that’s what’s most important.


  2. I think it is just that we need to do one thing with our life at a time and do it extremely well. Then we can move on to new adventures with success and confidence. You will figure it out.

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