Christmas and the Holiday Season

Hello, my lovelies,

I truly apologize for my absence. I won’t make excuses but I hope you’ll forgive me as my life has been hectic. I just finished a seasonal helpers job with UPS and now that my life is back to its normal amount of craziness. This has been a spectacularly strange christmas. I received a beautiful wooden carved chess set, the new testament in latin, a Doctor Who calendar, Doctor Who yatzee   a music bag, and The Day of the Doctor, which was amazing. So the strange part started on Christmas afternoon where we had family bonding time while burning sheep carcasses. I know how that sounds but coyotes (that is a horrid word to spell) and they killed three of our sheep.  I refused to get within thirty feet of the sheep so I threw wood at people so they could build a fire. Then on friday, while my cousin and aunt were on the way to our house, my great grandmother died. She had been in the nursing home for a year and she passed away peacefully. I’m been having trouble with this because I don’t think I feel properly sad. I have been trying to think of memories of her but I remember my great grandfather, who died when I was five, better than I remember Maw-maw Mag. Don’t cry for me or give condolences though because when faced with sadness, I laugh and my mom made not laughing at the funeral even harder today. They are playing a song called The Rose by Conway Twitty,(go look it up). Anyway, my mom was making fun of the song and my aunt was defending it. My Aunt wanted to play it for me and my sister because we had never heard the song, she pulled it up on her phone and my mother began interpretive dance. I wish I had it on video but last night my IPhone dove into the bathroom sink while that water was on. The phone was fine but it had some places on the screen so I put it in rice. Rabbit trail but the later on when we were discussing what to wear my aunt said she had a purple dress to wear because she thought she look nice in it. She pronounced that she didn’t want us to wear black to funeral and my sister remarked, “Boy, you put the fun in funeral.” Then after discussing why she should brought black we found out that she had recently wore black to a friends wedding. I may remark that she is fifty years old, not six.                                                      Goodbye my lovely readers and I will try my hardest to be more consistent.




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