I’m Finally Posting

Ahhhhhh! I am soooooo sorry!!! I haven’t posted in two weeks and feel soooooo bad. By the way did anyone notice I wrote that like a preteen girl’s text message (no offense). My life has been so busy lately I have been nanowrimoing, applying to college and getting ready for finals. I was recently accepted to a fantastic college in Virginia, Patrick Henry College. Thanksgiving is done and over with, which saddens me and me happy. Sad because that means that family I only see a maximum of four times a year has left but happy because our house is small and I had to share my bed with my cousin (we aren’t as small as we once were.) I have my almost last final this Friday and it’s going to suck. As  much as I love writing- I just wrote a novel for the sake of the knights who say ni- but I despise writing essays and I have terrible grammar. Last Wednesday I watched Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, it is a fantastic movie to anyone who hasn’t watched it. I also stayed up all night last night watching Doctor Who though I still haven’t watched The Day of The Doctor. I must go and finish a research paper but what does everyone think about the new doctor.


2 thoughts on “I’m Finally Posting

  1. We want a shrubbery! Love Monty Python and I can’t wait for their new offering!

  2. I’m not dead yet. Love it!

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