The Tell-Tale heart

In honor of Halloween tomorrow I thought I would write a review of The Tell-Tale Heart written by Edgar Allen Poe. Anyone who has ever read Poe knows that most if not all of his stories have an element of horror in them. The Tale-Tale Heart is no exception, it is a masterful depiction of madness. The Tale-Tale Heart begins with the line “True!-nervous-very,very dreadfully nervous I had been and I am; but why will you say I am mad?”  The narrator spends much time focusing on the fact that they are “not” mad. In the story they describe how and why   they killed the old man. It was his eye, near the end of the story the police come by which make our narrator giddy because of their cleverness in hiding the body of the old man. In the end the narrator collapses and confesses because of the beating of the tell-tale heart.

I cannot find it in myself to criticize this story.  It is beautiful in an erie way. One of the main interests of the story is that Poe never specifies which sex the narrator is, which is interesting see whether you and your friends think it is a male or a female. I personally believe it is a man but let me know what you think in comments. Now go and read this fascinating story here. Then when you have read it tell me what you think.

Love You All, See You on Friday

Ps: I apologize for the shortness of this post and for not posting on Monday, life got in the way (aka my internet crashed). i’m trying to be as regular as possible but i have three essay’s due this weeek.


Favorite Doctor

Everyone has a favorite doctor. My personal favorite is The Tenth maybe because that was my first but none the less he is. So tell me Who is your favorite?

Me, Myself and I

My name is Elizabeth Alina Grace Kingston. I have spent a considerable amount of time and thought on writing an introduction, and it’s more difficult than you would imagine. Who am I? I can tell you what I enjoy, what I don’t enjoy, and other things even a child can tell you, but is that really who I am? Is it true that I am defined by what I delight in? Maybe I am the things I have, or lack, the ability to do. Then again, maybe not. I hope one day to uncover my identity. Until then,

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Kingston and I’m still learning who I am.

Ok, after that epiphany, I’ll tell you about my interests and hobbies. I love to write! Seriously, I adore writing and I’m crazy enough to try writing a novel in a month. That’s “write” (pun intended), next month I will embark on the journey of NaNoWriMo. I also enjoy acting, my favorite role being Gwendolen Fairfax in Importance of Being Earnest. It is an amusing story, and if you’ve never watched the movie I suggest you do so. Although, Gwendolen is my favorite, it’s not the most recent. Most recently I portrayed Mercy Lewis in The Crucible. It was a hard play because I am not a serious person. I love laughing and there was no laughter to be had in that play. I also love all art forms. My favorite is music, mainly because I am terrible at drawing and painting. That being said, I sing and play both the piano and the clarinet. I am by nature a reader. I have yet to find a genre or book that I couldn’t get through (even if sometimes it was by sheer force of will.) Ok, that was a slight lie. I could not find it in myself to read Gulliver’s Travels, but I will one day finish it. My favorite authors include Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Tennyson, Jane Austen and Shakespeare. I am a Potterhead, but it’s not my favorite book series. I am a dog person, I have two dogs, Coco and Pippin, but cat people should not be discouraged I also have a cat named Marie.  I also have a horse named Coco, yes that was her name when I got her, and a cow that is presently titled, Annabelle. My family has sheep, currently nine (which is plenty). I live on a farm, which is great in the fall and winter but a pain in the spring and summer.

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