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A Letter to Final Exams

Dear Final Exams,

I  am confused about your purpose. You say you are here to test my knowledge but are my other grades not enough. Honestly, all you prove is that I  have the ability to cram loads of informations into head the night before. In classes like Math and Music Theory where one thing builds on another can I  not be trusted to have learned. If I  have not learned what I  should is one night of studying going to change anything but my stress level.


Stressing out



I HAVE A PHONE. I want to shout from the rooftops. I’ll explain in December of 2013 I dropped my iPhone 4 into the kitchen sink whilst it was full of water. I did the reasonable thing and stuck it in a bag of rice. It came back to life… Sorta. It was back for about three days and then it started acting strange like really strange the screen was only visible about half the time but I could still use the phone. Finally in March it died completely, and I have been phone less since. On Saturday, February 7 , 2015 I got an iPhone 6 not plus because those are huge I mean who wants to use a tablet for a phone. I have history class now so.

Ta Ta for now